is a multidisciplinary journal that shares high-quality, empirical and practical knowledge on science and technology policy in order to further a robust global community of STI policy researchers, policy makers and practitioners. The primary focus of the journal is on STI policy issues in East Asian countries, but the journal also welcomes all papers that have direct and indirect policy implications for East Asian countries. By facilitating exchanges of empirical analyses and discussions on STI policy issues, the journal aims to promote mutual understanding as well as cross-cultural and cross-national learning that contributes to global STI-based development.

October 2016 
ISSN: 2093-3053
Founded: 2010
Vol.7 No.2
Sources of Income Polarization in Korea: Globalization and Technological Innovation by Taeyoung Shin
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The Trajectory of University Science Parks (USPs) in China: Institutional Evolution and Assessment by De-Jin Su, Bei Wu, Dong-Won Sohn, & Da-Yong Zhou
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The Role of Ecosystems for Start-ups: A Comparative Study Between Korea and Finland by Matthias Deschryvere & Younghwan Kim
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The Emergence of the Sharing Economy: The Response Strategies of Preexisting Taxi Industry Affected by Uber’s Disruption by Kibum Kim & Jeong-Dong Lee
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Strategic Considerations for Development of the ICT Industry in Korea: Exploratory Research Using Input-Output Analysis by Joonhwa Jung
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Opportunities for Joint Cooperation in R&D for FEALAC Countries: On Nanotechnology and Biotechnology by Ivan Montenegro Trujillo, Edgar E Gonzalez Jimenez,& Monica Botero Ospina
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1. Platform Business and Network Strategy
2. Standardization Roadmapping: Cases of ICT Systems Standards
3. Striving Towards a Holistic Innovation Policy in European Countries - But Linearity Still Prevails!
4. Approaches for Developing National STI Strategies
5. Impact Analysis of Intellectual Property
6. Evolution of Korean STI Policies
7. Korean Innovation Model, Revisited
8. Inclusive Growth and Innovation: A Dynamic Simultaneous Equations Model on a Panel of Countries
9. Entrepreneurial Universities for Science and Technology: Cases of KAIST and POSTECH
10. From Emerging to Submerging Economies